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As New Zealand's number one pool care company, Swimart is the trusted name in pool maintenance, swimming pool supplies and high quality pool products. Swimart’s network of over 60 pool stores has everything you need to keep your swimming pool and spa sparkling all year round.

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To enquire about the very best in swimming pool cleanerspool filterspool pumps and chlorinators, not to mention the very best advice on just the right spa and swimming pool chemicals, including chlorine, it's simple. Our expert staff can ensure you get the correct spare parts as well as a great range of pool accessories which will save you both time and money. They also offer a complete range of spa chemicals, partspumps and filters, so Swimart really are the one stop pool stores.


Just enquire here and let our technicians look after your specific needs.

And if you do prefer to leave it to the experts, our experienced Swimart pool care technicians will take care of all your pool maintenance, all year round, giving you peace of mind and hassle free enjoyment.